Erick Navarro Accepted the 2022 Award in Las Vegas!

A few comments from Erick's acceptance of the 2022 Ladies Choice Award . . .

"We are very honored to receive this award through the years and hope to get many more. 8 years ago, we started the company based on shooters who wanted odor free, non-toxic, products that are military grade. Even for me, when I was in a night club out dancing, I realized interacting with a woman was greatly impaired smelling like Hoppes #9, being I had just cleaned my guns [LOL]. We started with the cleaning solvent and have since added lubricants and cleaning kits as we strive to bring quality products to the market."

Why Breakthrough Clean Technologies is a 2022 LADIES CHOICE AWARD WINNER

1. Exceeding The Competition

Cleaning kits are not all created equally. The best tools for cleaning your guns can be found in the well-thought-out selection of tools included in the Breakthrough Clean Technologies kits. Plus, most come complete with their award winning cleaning products as part of the kit. BREAKTHROUGH Cleaning products are odorless, will not stain your nails and skin during the cleaning process and exceed military grade cleaning and lubricant requirements. Breakthrough Clean Technologies has really "broke through" with a comprehensive selection of quality products!

2. In The Mix

It is very important to note that other well-known top selling brands of cleaning products are included the mix during training. Unlike most surveys that are offered on social media and in many industry publications, there is never a comprehensive selection of all available competitive manufacturer options from which to choose. Interestingly, when testing other products on the market, the truely "green" factor is missing. Repeatedly, women set aside other manufacturer's cleaning products 10-to-1, and seek out the Ladies Choice Award winning cleaning products and cleaning kits. 

3. The Result

Sadly, women who rely on what others suggest consistently select products to clean their guns without the benefit of being fully informed as to what is available in the market today. The most important element other than shot placement in a fight for their life is that the gun operates as it should due to quality maintenance with the right product. The Ladies Choice Award winning product selections have the features and benefits that do not compromise the elements that will increase the odds of prevailing when seconds count. The result is that guns operate properly when you are in a fight for your life; and last longer too.

4. Who Weighs In

More than 100,000 women who have taken a minimum 4-8 hour course from SFWA Master Certified Instructors contribute to the selection of the best guns and gear for women. The selections are not the "preferences" of SFWA, its instructors or its affiliates. No one is provided compensation or other forms of persuasion that will affect the non-bias selection of the award winners. Unlike most surveys that are offered on social media and in many industry publications, there is always a comprehensive selection of all carry options from which to choose for the Ladies Choice Awards.

The overall criteria to be considered as a “Ladies Choice Award” recipient includes: a women-friendly company that designs products that actually work well for women, are easy for them to use, perform as they expect, and understands that it is NOT about pink [although customization options are appreciated]. Often, manufacturers make alterations to their existing products or create products at the direction of SFWA that meet the needs of women. 

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In 2015, more than 10,000+ women weigh in on what women really want!

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BREAKTHROUGH received a 2015 LADIES CHOICE AWARD for Guns and Gear for the Modern Woman in Las Vegas . . .

NV, Las Vegas 1/22/2015 :  

Breakthrough Advanced Cleaning Fluid is truly odorless. The cleaning fluid is the only distilled petroleum solvent on the market that works very well, does not leave an odor on your hands, firearm or in the air, and is environmentally friendly.   A skeptical media representative present during the awards ceremony immediately opened the bottle he received as a door prize and confirmed, �it really has no odor!�   Michelle Vera, General Manager, and Erick Navarro, President/CEO of Breakthrough Clean, accepted the award on behalf of Breakthrough�, �Our intent was to introduce to the market a product that is tried and tested, is safe on all parts of the firearm, can perform and is also safe for the environment."   SFWA emphasized, "It doesn't take women more than a minute to react positively when they use the solvent . . . they prefer odorless products hands-down, as long as they work."

Michelle Vera and Erick Navarro, President/CEO accept 2015 LADIES CHOICE Award!