STEALTHGEAR USA was one of the manufacturers who chose not to attend SHOT Show in Las Vegas this year; their award was mailed to them.


1. Exceeding The Competition

BLACK HILLS HoneyBadger™ Ammunition has the necessary stopping power and the bullet design that performs best in a self-defense situation. "HoneyBadger™ — Our new line of ammunition that does not have hollow points. HoneyBadger™ doesn’t need hollow points and does not depend on them for performance. HoneyBadgers™ work every time, and like their namesake, HoneyBadgers™ DON’T RECOGNIZE NORMAL LIMITATIONS," explained Kristy Hoffman or Black Hills Ammunition. Best of all, the rounds did not cause any handgun malfunctions, even in the most finicky of brands or in the most common ammo-specific models. Women preferred HoneyBadger™ 3-to-1 when they shot their gun compared to the ammunition product they were currently using in their carry gun.

2. In The Mix

It is very important to note that other well-known top selling ammunition brands are included the mix during training. Unlike most surveys that are offered on social media and in many industry publications, there is never a comprehensive selection of all self defense ammunition options from which to choose. Black Hills Ammunition did not provide any samples to SFWA; the ammunition was introduced to SFWA by an advanced student shortly after it was introduced to the marketplace. SFWA decided to put it to the test and it came out the winner! 

3. The Result

Sadly, many people do not put sufficient consideration into the ammunition that will be in their self-defense gun in a fight for their life. The Ladies Choice Award winning product selections have the features and benefits that do not compromise the elements that will increase the odds of prevailing when seconds count. The result is that by using the ammunition that has the stopping power necessary and the bullet that will perform without traveling through the target increases the odds that they will prevail in a self-defense situation. There are new ammunition options being introduced regularly it seems; protect your life with one that has what it takes and is made by a manufacturer that consistently excels in quality control and does not cut corners. The minimal additional expense to use the best ammunition for your carry gun is worth every penny in the end.

4. Who Weighs In

More than 100,000 women who have taken a minimum 4-8 hour course from SFWA Master Certified Instructors contribute to the selection of the best guns and gear for women. The selections are not the "preferences" of SFWA, its instructors or its affiliates. No one is provided compensation or other forms of persuasion that will affect the non-bias selection of the award winners. Unlike most surveys that are offered on social media and in many industry publications, there is always a comprehensive selection of all carry options from which to choose for the Ladies Choice Awards.

The overall criteria to be considered as a “Ladies Choice Award” recipient includes: a women-friendly company that designs products that actually work well for women, are easy for them to use, perform as they expect, and understands that it is NOT about pink [although customization options are appreciated]. Often, manufacturers make alterations to their existing products or create products at the direction of SFWA that meet the needs of women. 

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You can view the HoneyBadger™ Award Winning product and the other Black Hills ammunition that has received the LADIES CHOICE Award since 2015 . . .

In 2015, more than 10,000+ women weigh in on what women really want!

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BLACK HILLS AMMUNITION received a 2015 LADIES CHOICE AWARD for Guns and Gear for the Modern Woman in Las Vegas . . .

NV, Las Vegas 1/22/2015 :  

Black Hills® New Pistol Ammunition was a long-time coming for women who wanted the same high-quality and reliability in a defensive pistol round that they have depended on for years in other venues.   Accepting the award, co-owner of Black Hills, Kristy Hoffman, "We have had a longstanding relationship with Shooting for Women Alliance, and they've been great to work with.   I appreciate what they are doing for women."   SFWA told those present at the awards press conference, "Jeff Hoffman, wrote an article for Shooting for Women magazine more than a decade ago detailing ammunition calibers, application and information that women wanted to know. It is still perfectly relevant and used by women today! The focus is never on the owners of Black Hills Ammunition; they always turn the spotlight on their employees and those who make a difference in their eyes. Through the years, SFWA has determined that women prefer doing business with caring companies like Black Hills!"

Kristy Hoffman accepts 2015 Ladies Choice Award!


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